Mykola Volkivskyi

Founder of the foundation and politician

I was born in the glorious city of Korosten in a family of doctors and became the first who did not go to study medicine. I have always been attracted to history and politics. This is the path I chose. Creating a fund abroad was an idea that I had for several years and put into practice.

The fund is an opportunity to show the potential of our country, the implementation of projects and the development of Ukraine at the international level.

Shevtsov Oleksandr

Co-founder FIUFD

Artem Oliinyk

Political scientist and GR-specialist

I was born near Kyiv and all this time I was fascinated by both science and politics. The desire to study the first without being separated from the second led me to political science at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, and from there to our Institute for Government Relations. But the social goal, especially the current one, could not be achieved without a strong platform – the First Ukrainian International Foundation of Development. I see the key task facing all of us – to save as many lives of our fellow citizens as possible and to reduce the level of suffering of our people.  So let’s do it together – let’s save Ukraine together.  Glory to heroes!

Oleksandr Pashchenko

Ukrainian Volunteer and sport manager

Lysenko Oleksandr

Volunteer, finance specialist,
Chief Legal Adviser of the Foundation

Bahlai Oleh

Volunteer, historian

I was born in Chornobyl region, an ancient and long-suffering Polissia land. Polissia is a region of picturesque meadows and ancient forests that unites the Belarusian and Ukrainian peoples. Actually the love for motherland determined my research interest in this unique region.

Serhii Barsuchenko

Logistics Director

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