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The First International Foundation for the Development of Ukraine.
established in: 2020
KRS 0000849035

Refugees from Ukraine need help.

As a result of the War in Ukraine with Russia, the First International Foundation for the Development of Ukraine supports women and children fleeing their own country – Ukraine.

We offer our help to refugees, ie women with children who were forced to leave their homeland – Ukraine before the conflagration of war.
The needs are enormous, from psychological support to material support, because the escapees left their belongings behind.

The number of people fleeing the war will increase.
We ask for any amount of payment to the Foundation’s account with the note “Aid for refugees from Ukraine”.
Let us be together with the Ukrainian people.

Mykola Volkivskyi
President of the Foundation e-mail:

Bank account
Wpłaty w PLN:    06 1020 4955 0000 7102 0263 5233
Wpłaty w EURO: 35 1020 4955 0000 7802 0263 5241
Wpłaty w USD:    26 1020 4955 0000 7702 0263 5258

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