The First International Ukrainian Foundation of Development

We analyze effective international practices and implement them in Ukraine, supporting activities in all areas of development.

Our fund is an opportunity to show the potential, implementation of projects and image formation of our country at the world level. Join us and move Ukraine forward!

Objectives of the fund

Promotion of foreign languages

Ecological improvement

Promoting business development

Democratic practice

Preservation of cultural heritage

Legal assistance

Education and science

Anti-corruption policy

Mykola Volkivskyi

Founder of the foundation and politician

I was born in the glorious city of Korosten in a family of doctors and became the first who did not go to study medicine. I have always been attracted to history and politics. This is the path I chose. Creating a fund abroad was an idea that I had for several years and put into practice.

The fund is an opportunity to show the potential of our country, the implementation of projects and the development of Ukraine at the international level.